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Argentan Lace Necklines

Argentan Lace Necklines

Argentan Lace Necklines

 Argentan Lace Necklines are ideal to finish off that V-shped neckline on your blouse or top. Just stitch out your chosen neckline, following our easy lesson, in your favorite color, rinse out the stabilizer and your ready to stitch it onto your blouse. Turning a top or blouse into a creative masterpiece hasn’t been easier. Add beads and sequins onto the lace for an evening top or just an extra special blouse.

What You Will Need To Make Your Argentan Lace Necklines

Water soluble stabilizer, Embroidery Thread, Print out of designs Ratio 1:1, Magic tape

Let’s Get Started

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Hoop two – three layers of water soluble stabilizer and stitch out design.

Stich out designs 1 and 2 for the larger neckline Stitch out designs 4 and 5 for the smaller neckline Design 3 is used for both necklines

Cut the designs out of the stabilizer

Argentan Lace Necklines

Hoop two – three layers water soluble. Using the plastic grid for your hoop, mark the center point of the hoop. I used a wash out pen for this.

Argentan Lace Necklines

Using the printout of the design 3, Place the printout in the center of the hoop matching the center point of printout to hoop center.

Argentan Lace Necklines

Tape the bottom section of the printout to the stabilizer. Place the two stitched out pieces between the printout and the stabilizer. Let the printout overlap the stitched pieces. Tape the stitched pieces well to the hoop. Place the tape so it doesn’t interfere with the printout as you will be stitching where the printout is.

Argentan Lace Necklines

Remove printout and place a piece of water soluble stabilizer of stitching area. Put hoop into machine and match the needle of the machine to the marked center of the hoop.

Argentan Lace Necklines

Stitch out design 3. Soak lace to remove the stabilizer. Now you can attach the neckline to your v-neck blouse or top.

Argentan Lace Necklines

And Then You Are Done!

Click Here to download your own copy of this lesson in pdf format.

Would you like to give this lesson a try?

Here is our Argentan Lace Neckline designs:

TS733 – Argentan Lace Neckline 1

Ts733 - Argentan Lace Necklines

TS734 – Argentan Lace Neckline 2TS734 - Argentan Lace Necklines

TS735 – Argentan Lace Neckline 3

TS735 - Argentan Lace Necklines

TS736 – Argentan Lace Neckline 4

TS736 - Argentan Lace Necklines

TS737 – Argentan Lace Neckline 5

TS737 - Argentan Lace Necklines

TS738 – Argentan Lace Neckline 6

TS738 - Argentan Lace Necklines

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