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Threads n Scissors Blog.

In Threads n Scissors Blog, you will find sewing and embroidery projects and tips. Embroidery designs used in these projects can be found on our

Threads n Scissors embroidery website.

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Threads n Scissors Blog


Sew and Turn Applique Quilt Blocks

Sew and Turn Applique Quilt Blocks

Turn and Sew Applique Quilt Block_page3_image2

Sew and Turn Applique is the easiest way to create beautiful applique designs. The applique is soft

and puffy. Beautiful decorative stitching is used to hold the applique pieces in place. The block is then lined and quilted. Creating beautiful applique quilt as you go blocks with a traditional look, hasn’t been easier.

This lesson is the basic lesson to be used for all the Sew and Turn Applique Quilt Blocks.

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English Rose Garden QAUG Large Blocks

English Rose Garden QAUG Large Blocks Tutorial

English Rose Garden QAUG Large Blocks Tutorial

English Rose Garden QAUG Large Blocks are perfect to make a large quilt. The English Rose Garden Large Blocks are made by creating a fabric sand- wich, which is then marked to position 4 pieces of one design to make up the large block. I didn’t use any stabilizer for these blocks and the sandwich creates a thick enough fabric to em- broider on. The blocks are embroidered and quilted all in hoop. All that is needed to create these large blocks is a bit of alignment.
Follow this lesson to see just how easy it is.

This set contains 5×5, 6×6, 7×7 and 8×8 designs

You can create the following sized English Rose Garden QAUG Large Blocks (measurements are in inches)

From the 5×5 designs you can create 10×10 blocks

From the 6×6 designs you can create 12×12 blocks

From the 7×7 designs you can create 14×14 blocks

From the 8×8 designs you can create 16×16 blocks

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